Our Site Construction business unit operate in all phases of the project lifecycle and combine engineering, construction, installation and project services that improve the value and productivity of our clients’ assets. Our approach is tailored to our clients’ specific needs to ensure each phase is delivered successfully and to specification.

Structural Steel, Mechanical, Piping and Plate work
From construction of brownfield processing plants to installation of a plant upgrade in an operating environment, QUALMS Group provides high quality, cost effective project mechanical construction services including:

Fabrication, welding and installation of fixed and floating roof tanks
• Repairs, dismantling and relocation of tanks and piping
Structural steel fabrication, welding and installation
Mechanical equipment installation including materials handling, conveyors and process equipment
Fabrication, welding and onsite installation of carbon steel, stainless steel, exotic steel and poly piping
Refurbishment, repair and relocation of mining plant and equipment
Processing facilities and infrastructure; and field and shop capabilities
Rubber Lining
Heavy Lifting and Rigging

QUALMS Group has been providing world-class, comprehensive construction services in the structural steel plate work, mechanical, and piping disciplines. Our value-added construction services are offered to the following sectors: minerals & metal, hydrocarbon, infrastructure, energy and industrial.

Our resources are highly developed and are supported by a fleet of cranes and vehicles and an extensive range of fabrication, welding, rigging, mechanical and piping equipment. Our extensive network of engineering, fabrication and construction allows us to quickly mobilise project resources whenever within West Africa where they are needed. With offices in West Africa, we have people who understand the legislation, culture, business and labour practices of the communities where we work as well as understanding the intricacies of managing a workforce that includes ethnic, religious and political diversity.


Our QHSE management is an integral part of our Site Construction Services. Our safety record is exceptional and is recognised by the many awards received on complex and difficult projects. Our outstanding safety performance not only protects lives, but also benefits our clients in terms of increased productivity and reduced project costs. We have a library of Job Safety Analysis and our procedures and work instructions incorporate HSE requirements.


We have an extensive range of general and specific procedures, work instructions and check sheets to support construction execution. Our extensive range of qualified welding procedures coupled with stringent weld control ensures optimum weld quality. As a matter of fact, we work best when the pressure’s on, and within extremely compressed timelines.


QUALMS Group can and has made adjustments and change- outs in time-sensitive scenarios without any downtime. Our processes, people and technology are precisely coordinated and we are committed to mechanical construction excellence. At the end of the day, QUALMS Group is committed to exceeding your mechanical construction expectations by:


Dedicated Relationships

We are team players who are committed to not just one job, but to a lifetime of working together. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you to help you realize your vision.

Earning Your Trust

We work hard to gain and keep your trust to the extent that we measure customer satisfaction with every clientand job. This is how deeply QUALMS Group is dedicated to you.

Sustainable Solution

We are dedicated to providing you with the most efficient solutions because they ultimately save you money and increase the value of your operations. We bring the right level of sustainability to your project so that every critical area will be optimized. Overall, QUALMS Group collection of strengths, along with our powerhouse of deep resources, consistently delivers safe mechanical construction projects on budget, on time and ahead of schedule.