Shutdown – Our Point Of Difference

QUALMS Group offers tailored shutdown solutions designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. QUALMS Group can offer shutdown management, planning support and accredited supervised work crews complete with specialised tooling and logistical support.All shutdown managers, planners, supervisors and tradesmen undertake the QHSE Accreditation Program which ensures that our crews are competent to work safely and productively on their assigned work packs.

Shutdown – Our Approach

Working closely with either the client’s maintenance engineers or our own onsite maintenance services specialists, our dedicated shutdown crews plan and execute complex or unique shutdown projects on time, on budget and most importantly, safely.

Planning, scoping and procurement support
Detailed scheduling and critical path tracking
Rapid mobilisation using Expatriate or National FIFO capability
Accredited supervised work crews
Specialised tooling and logistics
Contractor and supplier management
Maintenance & Shutdown Industries

QUALMS Group provides shutdown teams to all industry types. We have specialist experience with mining operations where we deliver many shutdowns in West Africa. Our FIFO national and expatriate capability services West Africa region. The crews are self-sufficient with complete on-site supervision, QHSE and engineering support, underpinned by a strong safety culture.

Our Experiences Include
Bore pump and valve repairs and maintenance
Design and construction capability
Operations and maintenance experience via staff with large scale plant erection experience and by applying the appropriate risk based safety and operating plans in:
Structural Fabrication
Structural Erection
Mechanical Installation pumps, compressors, heat exchanges
Mechanical installation piping and ducts
Mechanical installation piping and ducts
General maintenance and machine works
Testing ability including the management of hydrostatic testing
Compressor station maintenance capability
Emergency response know how and the maintenance of system security
With Value Add Specialist Service
Fixed and mobile plant maintenance
Preventative maintenance
Mill relines
Dragline and shovel shutdown and maintenance
Mantle and liner changes
Crusher house repairs
Apron feeder and discharge chute repairs
Scraper replacement and adjustments