QUALMS Group has expertise in technical, process and human resource management which translate to efficiencies in plant performance, reliability and operating costs. Our maintenance and shutdown service is a tailored solution designed to meet our client’s specific needs.

Plant Maintenance

Maintenance, our point of difference - QUALMS Group offers maintenance management, planning support and accredited supervised work crews complete with specialised tooling and logistical support delivered using contemporary maintenance practices. QUALMS Group maintenance teams undertake our HSE Accreditation Program. All maintenance managers, planners, supervisors and tradesmen undertake competency based assessment.


Maintenance, our approach - We have a successful track record of improving performance for clients by implementing predictive and preventative maintenance techniques combined with a flexible, services driven solution.

    Contract plant maintenance and shutdown services
    Contract plant maintenance and shutdown services
    Subcontractor management & shut-down services
    Industrial plant maintenance services
    Total supplemental maintenance
Mechanical Maintenance
Instrumentation and controls maintenance
    Preventive and predictive maintenance
    Our proven reliability engineering processes delivers operational improvement through
    Eliminating plant downtime balanced by the cost to achieve it
    Comparisons between design and actual capacity for various plant and or process
    Extending the equipment life cycle through identification /
    elimination of failure
    Developing effective work focus teams between maintenance
    & production
Developing and refining preventative maintenance procedures
Introducing the latest or best practice maintenance
    Auditing maintenance history, identifying areas of