First Aid
Training, Consulting and Auditing

QUALMS Group offers specialist first aid training in a practical learning environment that enables trainees to competently provide first aid in different work environment. Our first aid modules are facilitated by competent experts using state of the art practical training materials to enhance the learning process. Our first aid training partner, Saint John’s Ambulance Ghana is an affiliate of Saint John’s Ambulance, UK and South Africa.

We offer classroom and onsite first aid training under the following specific modules
Basic Emergency First Aid,
First Aid at Work,
Lifesaver International First Aid,
Advanced First Aid,
    Aviation First Aid,
Sports First Aid,
Trainer Foundation,
First Aid Trainer, among others.
The benefits of QUALMS Group specialist first aid training include availability of competent first aiders, prompt and professional attendance to incidents, reduction in the cost of uninsured cost, promotion of safe work habit, international recognition of certificates and compliance with local legislation as contained in Factories, Offices and Shops Regulations Act 328 of 1970 Section 28.