Quality Management Systems (QMS)
Training, Consulting and Auditing

The management of Quality is relevant to any organisation, large or small, whatever its business, product or service. Whatever business area or industry, clients and customers demand consistency in the quality. Quality Management System refers to an organization’s structure for managing its processes or business activities in a way that produces the desired results with little or no deviations in product/services standards. This structure transforms input of resources into a product or service that meets the organization’s business objectives, satisfies the customer’s quality requirements and complies with regulations. An effective Quality Management System provides a framework of requirements for management to address customer focus, process the management approach, and pursue continuous performance improvement. The benefits of implementing a quality management system include:

    A formalized Good Working Practice
Assurance of satisfaction and added value to customers
Reduction in costs for quality
International recognition as an organisation and business

QUALMS Group offers competent training, second party audits/assessments and implementing assistance in internationally recognized quality management systems such as ISO 9001, Total Quality Management and the Sigma Series.

Our key quality management systems offerings include
    Awareness and Introduction to Quality Management Systems
Implementing ISO 9001
Total Quality Management
    Internal Audit, Quality Management Systems
ISO 9001 Internal and Lead Auditor Courses