Food Safety
Training, Consulting and Auditing

Food safety management is a concept of producing, handling, preparing and storing food in appropriate ways to avoid food borne illnesses. Aside the many impacts on the health of consumers, food safety also have many important implications on businesses. For food service providers, loss of reputation, customer complaints, food losses, regulatory sanctions and possible legal sues are some of the negative impacts of poor food safety practices. For organisations that contract food service providers, poor food safety practices leads to employee illnesses and subsequent loss of productive man hours.


QUALMS Group provides specialist training, assessment and implementing services for all the internationally accepted food safety systems such as HACCP, ISO 22000, BRC, FSSC etc. We also assist food service providers to implement these international systems in their operations. Full implementation of a system usually comprises of an initial gap assessment, development of an implementing plan, training, systems implementation, documentation, review and operation. For organisations that seek to assess the status of their existing food safety system, our auditors can conduct a thorough system assessment against an agreed standard and issue a detailed report and improvement plan.

Our key food safety offerings include
Basic food safety and quality training
Implementing HACCP – Hazard analysis critical control points
HACCP internal audit course
Implementing ISO 22000, BRC, FSSC
Internal audit course for ISO 22000, BRC, FSSC
Lead auditor course for ISO 22000
For agro processors, QUALMS Group provides specialist assistance towards international systems certifications in the following
Rain Forest Alliance
Fair Trade