With the worldwide growing concerns regarding our living environment, ISO 14001 is recognised more QUALMS Group recognises that long-term and meaningful relationships with the communities we connect with are imperative to the long term success of our business. We seek to achieve and retain these relationships by knowing and managing the impacts we may have on our communities and developing initiatives to deliver mutual benefits now and in the future. To help support these communities in which we operate, we invest in a number of partnerships and community initiatives both at a local and national level. Our employees are involved in a range of community activities and initiatives including local content development through partnerships with clients on trades training, community based health and safety initiatives.

Indigenous Involvement

QUALMS Group is a culturally diverse organisation committed to equal opportunity in employment. We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the highest calibre of employees in accordance with anti-discrimination policy and recruitment and selection procedures.


We respect the diversity of Indigenous culture and appreciate the importance of employing Indigenous personnel throughout its operations. To this end we pledge to;

Identify relevant and appropriate areas within the Company where positions for Indigenous personnel may be developed.
Develop specific strategies aimed at assisting Indigenous people to increase access to employment by sourcing and utilising resources promoted by the Local Governments.y
When appropriate, provide relevant training and development
opportunities in a culturally appropriate manner
Recognise the cultural heritage and rights of Indigenous personnel and develop, maintain and promote social awareness and respect throughout the workforce.
Respect the principles of self-determination.