Industrial Food Safety Assurance Program IFSAP©

Each year, the consumption of unsafe food leads to illness in over 2 billion people and 32 million deaths worldwide (WHO, 2012). Food Safety hazards can be introduced or enhanced in food materials along the food chain through wrongly acquisition of ingredients, poor storage practices, unclean work area, poor personnel hygiene and practices.

In industrial set ups, where every employee’s role is vital to the collective achievement of set targets, poor food safety practices which can result in illnesses, loss of productive man hours, high medical expenses and high staff turnover cannot be tolerated. QUALMS Group has developed the Industrial Food Safety Assurance Program - IFSAP© to serve our clients in the industrial sector in this regard.


The program assesses and rectifies lapses in food acquisition and handling to avoid food borne illnesses and continually improves on food service delivery. It is applicable to in-house catering providers as well as outsourced food providers. The program involves:

Gap assessment and rectification of lapses in food preparation, transportation and service;
Gradual food safety training for catering personnel and other safety executives;
Implementation of best practices and safe working procedures;
Food safety awareness for consumers / industrial personnel;
Periodic second party audits to assure safety and ensure continual improvement.