Assignment Support

QUALMS Group brings an expertise and knowledge in the area of regional employee mobility. By leveraging its regional infrastructure, QUALMS Group efficiently manages day-to-day support functions such as:

Pre-Deployment  and Onboarding
Thorough and comprehensive process includes reference checks, criminal background checks, pre-employment medicals, drug testing, HSE indoctrination, and malaria control medication (if applicable) and other required inoculations.

Deployment  and Logistics

Professional competence in the area of immigration protocols and compliance including issuance of appropriate visas/work permits. Able to handle all travel logistics (such as airfare, transport) and provide reliable “meet and greet” service upon arrival in the host country.

Health, Safety and Security
QUALMS Group manages and regularly monitors in country security risks and provides comprehensive emergency medical evacuation coverage. We also vet accommodation and transport providers in accordance with the overall project or contract HSE plan.
Performance Management

Once staff is deployed, QUALMS Group manages all aspects of the employment relationship including time, expense, and payroll processing, performance reviews, and other activities. The company prides itself on its integrity, financial stability, and its ability to meet its payroll obligations on a timely basis each month. QUALMS Group management maintains close ties with appropriate client personnel to ensure service delivery meets expectations.

Tax Compliance
QUALMS Group ensures complete and total compliance with all regulatory and statutory requirements in the host country including personal income tax withholding and reporting.

Upon successful completion of assignments, every effort is made to retain contract staff and accordingly resumes are shared amongst the recruitment team to attempt to redeploy personnel to other client opportunities.